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Welcome to which takes the place of and concentrates purely on the ever growing Selway Fisher Design range of canoes and kayaks for the home boatbuilder. Our range of skiffs can still be seen along with all our other designs at

Building a stitch and tape canoe is a quick and low cost way to get afloat which requires only basic woodworking skills. Ordinary Exterior (WBP) ply and exterior household paints and varnishes are often used and along with some simple DIY tools and a garage or temporary shelter to build in, a canoe can be put together in as little as 2 weekends and the intervening evenings.

So, the outlay in terms of cost, finding suitable materials and time is relatively small allowing the builder to be on the water quickly in a boat that he/she has made for themselves.

Alternatively, someone looking for a longer and more involved project for the winter evenings may consider building one of our beautiful Cedar Strip canoes. Still not requiring more than reasonable woodworking skills and tools, the builder ends up with a very attractive craft which will turn heads wherever it is used.

For both types of canoe enthusiast, has been set up to provide an inspiring shop window and a place of information and support for all matters to do with home canoe and kayak building. We hope you enjoy and welcome any comments and suggestions you may have to help us provide what you, the home canoe builder needs.

On this site you will find a wide range of over 55 canoes and kayaks including :-

  • 9 Kayaks (including one built using the strip plank method).

  • 17 ply open canoes up to 15'.

  • 10 ply open canoes 15' to 17'.

  • 10 ply canoes over 17'.

  • 5 strip planked open canoes.

  • 6 motor canoes.

  • 5 sailing canoes (plus another 8 of our other open canoes which come with sail plans).



 This site does not collect personal data (ie. your name, address or card details etc).
When a customer makes an order using the ‘Buy Now’ buttons, they are taken to a secure 3rd party payment processor who collects the necessary order data securely and separately.  
 Payment can also be made by transferring the order amount to our Paypal account at: - note, to order using Payal see Ordering Plans, Manuals & Catalogues below.

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If you have any questions or wish to place an order by phone, call +44 1225 705074 or email

What is on this site? - this is quite a large site with details of all of our canoe and kayak designs plus descriptions of our design catalogues and construction manuals.
You will see at the top of this page - links to the various different pages describing the designs etc. A brief description of the design packages & services can be found below along with ordering information plus a list of site updates.
Please read the ordering information carefully as there are now several ways in which you can place an order.

The Design Packages - all designs are complete for amateur DIY construction (unless otherwise stated) and have details, notes and a building procedure - please note that we also run a full back-up service allowing you to contact us by phone/fax, post or e-mail with any queries you may have before, during or after construction - we also have several Construction Manuals as an aid for those unfamiliar with modern boat-building or who want to keep up with the latest techniques.
2 main construction techniques used for these designs are:-

  • Stitch & Tape plywood using computer generated hull panel shapes.

  • Cedar Strip Plank using computer generated and faired mould shapes.

Using our YachtCAD system, we can change from one construction method to another in a design and we can often  offer details for clinker ply construction for any of our designs too.




The Designs


Open Ply Canoes up to15'

Open Ply Canoes 15' to 17'

Open Ply Canoes over 17'

Open Strip Plank Canoes

Motor Canoes

Sailing Canoes

Ordering Plans, Manuals & Catalogues - there are several ways in which you can place an order with us - these are separated into 2 mains methods :-

  • Directly with your credit/debit card whilst you are on-line - we have added an Ordering Cart system which allows you to add the plans etc you wish to order to the Cart before going to the secure area to place your order. You will find a "Buy Plan Now" button under the description of each item.
    Please Note - for the moment, the On-Line Ordering Cart does not add the cost of Postage (Shipping) to your order - however postage & packing charges will be added - for a note of these P&P charges please go to the Postage (Shipping) Charges Table. All card transactions are in Sterling.

  • By Post, Fax, E-mail or Phone - for those who do not wish to order on-line, we have retained our Order Form - go to our Post/Fax Order Form page (see also the Navigation bar at the top of this page for a link) and you will find an order form which you can print out, fill-in and send by post or fax with either your credit/debit card details or cheque/postal order.

  • Please note that all credit/debit card transactions have to be done in Pounds Sterling - the US Dollar prices given in the price lists are estimated at an exchange rate of 1.35 USD = £1 Sterling and therefore our US clients may find the amount charged on their card statements will vary (up or down) from the US price given, if the exchange rate at the time is different - however, do remember that we are more than happy to accept payment by personal US Dollar cheque at the US Dollar price given in the price lists if you would prefer to order by Post - go to the  Post/Fax Order Form  page.

Paying with PayPal
PayPal is an increasingly popular way to pay for purchases on-line. For those who want to pay using their PayPal account, Selway Fisher Design/Makeacanoe now has it's own PayPal account which you can pay into.
Unfortunately, due to the complexities of setting up an efficient system of paying for postage and packing with PayPal which does not over-charge the customer for multiple purchases, we have not been able to use PayPal's simple buy-now set-up.
This means that to use your PayPal account you simply need to transfer the total amount of your order including Postage & Packing into our PayPal account using the PayPal transfer system on your account.
To pay using your PayPal account :-
  • Calculate the total amount of your order including P&P (see the Postage table below) - or contact us (either ring +44 1225 705074 or e-mail us at when we can confirm the total cost for you and give you our PayPal account paying-in details.
  • Go to your PayPal account and transfer the amount to our Paypal account.
  • E-mail us at telling us that you have made the transfer and giving us the order details plus the address to send the order to.

Postage Rates

Item UK Airmail Europe Airmail US/Elsewhere
Full Plans Canoes £2.00 £5.00 £6.00
Manuals £4.00 £6.00 £9.00
Catalogue/CD's Go to Canoe Catalogue & Manuals page.
DVD's £3.00 £4.00 £5.00


List of Latest Site Updates


Where too next? - simply go to the  Navigation Bar at  the top of this page  and click on the links to the various different design pages - or if you want to see a gallery of photographs of many of our canoe designs built by home builders go to the Photo Gallery page.

If you have some questions about home canoe building, go to our FAQ page.

User Group/Forum for Selway Fisher Builders & Sailors
We now have a well established User Group/Forum on the web for those who are building and using Selway Fisher boats. Photographs of SFD boats under construction are posted up and builders from all over the world are able to share questions/problems and get quick feed-back both from ourselves and each other.
The User Group/Forum is at - when you link to it press the "Join" link if you want to join.

User Group/Forum for Selway Fisher Canoe Builders & Users
his is a Group started 04/09/06 for those building our canoe designs - this will be a group/forum to exchange ideas on construction and to share photos of the canoes you are building and the treks that you have undertaken with them.
The Canoe User Group/Forum is at  - when you link to it, press the "Join" link if you want to join.


and finally.............

Paul Fisher BSc. AMRINA - the Designer

After a youth messing around in all sorts of boats on the Thames, I gained my degree - a BSc (Bachelor of Science) in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding from Newcastle University in 1974 and shortly after l became an Associate Member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects.

Straight after University l worked in the design office of McGruer & Co. Scotland for 4 years - famous for high performance racing /cruising yachts beautifully crafted in wood (cold moulded as well as conventional clinker and carvel). We were also involved in major yacht refitting and repair and the fit-out of GRP commercial craft - this under James and George McGruer on the Gareloch (north of the Clyde). l then became Technical Manager at D.M. Russell Marine - formerly Jas. A. Silvers yard just up the road at Rosneath, for 5 years - famous for their motor yachts - this period found me sailing/cruising in all sorts of craft around the coast of the UK and regular racing in everything from Dragons to the IOR fleet on the Clyde.

So, after a degree and 9 years apprenticeship plus much personal research exploring the uses of epoxies in modern wood boat construction l went out on my own as a designer and l now have a catalogue of over 350 designs most of which are commissions for individual clients.

Enjoy the site! - Paul Fisher BSc. MRINA

 And for those wanting to read more about how he started off on a boating career, there is now Paul's first semi-autobiographical novel 'A Slight Mist on the Horizon'

 Apart from the words, the novel also has 28 colour cartoons to illustrate the events drawn by Paul.


If you wish to see all of the Selway Fisher designs which now number over 350 including large numbers of dinghies, dayboats, motor boats, yachts and launches go to Islay 16' Skiff



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