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CATALOGUE OF CANOE DESIGNS plus the On-Line Manual on CD

 The full canoe catalogue is now on CD in PDF format - this version of the catalogue is packed with colour photographs of our canoe designs (more than on our web pages). The catalogue also has a guide to choosing an open canoe and useful FAQ's pages.

 The CD also contains a copy of our On-Line Manual which uses 65 colour photographs showing one of our Hazelnut open canoes being built in detail, a copy of a past article on building the Christine Open Trekking Canoe plus an easily printable order form and contact details.

 Please note that this CD is sent free with each canoe plan and does not need to be ordered separately if ordering a canoe plan from this web site.

 Also see our Plywood Canoe Manual (below) which goes into the methods shown in the photographs of the On-Line Manual included on the CD in more detail - it also contains details of sail rigs, outboard brackets, floats, sponsons, backed seats and rowing rigs etc.

Sterling cost £5 + £2 P&P  in the UK- (Europe Airmail is £4, Elsewhere Airmail is £5). US Dollar cost is $16 incl. Airmail.



 Ply/Epoxy and stitch and tape construction is fun because, with little financial outlay, you can be on the water very quickly in a boat that you have created yourself over a period of only 25 hours or so, using basic domestic facilities. Apart from detailing these construction methods, the manual also includes chapters on Basic Tool Requirements, Jointing Methods for Chines and Long Planks, Low Cost Materials and Paddle Design and Construction. Also included is a chapter on CONVERTING YOUR OWN CANOE TO SAIL with details of RUDDER and LEEBOARD requirements and HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SIMPLE SAILS. 

 This new version of the manual now includes details of canoe 'bits and pieces' - canoe trolleys, outboard brackets and wells, making a canoe in 2 halves, a sculling rig, floats and sponsons and various different rudders.


For further details of the Plywood Canoe Construction Manual click here.

Sterling cost £18 + £4 p&p. (UK), £18 + £6.00 Airmail (Europe), £18 + £9 Airmail (US/Elsewhere)/$44 incl. Airmail US.



 Strip planking is an increasingly popular method of boat construction (over half of all our new design work is for strip planked craft). It enables the amateur boat builder to produce a beautiful round bilged hull without having traditional boat building skills. It is certainly an easy method of round bilged hull construction and one which produces a very tough 'one piece' monocoque hull shell which will require little maintenance and which will last far longer than a conventionally built wood hull.

 The Manual starts by discussing the merits of strip planking and the types of hulls that are best suited to this method of construction. It goes through the possible difficulties of strip planking certain hull shapes and how these difficulties may be over come. Suitable materials for constructing the hull are discussed including the use of square edged versus profile edged planks and epoxy versus polyurethane glues. Guidance and examples are also given for calculating material requirements.

 Different types of building jig are discussed along with the marking, shaping and the setting up of moulds. The setting up of the internal backbone structure is then covered and after a description of the planking process, the Manual covers the best methods for preparing the hull for finishing. Veneering and glass sheathing are then described. Finally, tool requirements and the care and repair of strip planked hulls is described along with fitting decks etc.

For further details of the Strip Plank Boat Construction Manual click here.

Sterling cost £18 + £4 p&p. (UK), £18 + £6.00 Airmail (Europe), £18 + £9 Airmail (US/Elsewhere)/$44 incl. Airmail US.



 This new manual incorporates our old "Manual of Sail Making for the Home Boatbuilder" but now also includes several new sections. These include a discussion of the most popular rigs used for dinghies, dayboats and yachts (traditional and modern), how to balance the rig with the hull of a boat (for those wanting to change rig), how to design and make a simple Junk Rig, a lengthened section on re-cutting (altering) existing sails (for those using 2nd hand sails from another design), positioning deck gear and fault finding, how to purchase new sails from a sail maker (including a list of UK sail makers) and a list of companies who sell sail making materials and tools.

 A large part of the manual is still dedicated to making your own suit of sails - rather than being a mystery, the construction of a sail is broken down into it's different structural parts in much the same way as the hull structure of a boat with 76 clear diagrams showing the construction techniques used to make up the components of the sail. The chapters include a detailed look at the different stitches and seam constructions used, finishing techniques, step by step guides to the making of both Bermudan and Gaff/Gunter/Lug sails and Headsails. Also included is a section on the re-cutting of old sails and on fault finding. The whole manual will give the owner who already has a suit of sails, a better understanding of how his sails work and what may be wrong if he has a problem with them.

For further details of Sails for the Home Boat Builder click here.

Sterling cost £18 + £4 p&p. (UK), £18 + £6.00 Airmail (Europe), £18 + £9 Airmail (US/Elsewhere)/$44 incl. Airmail US, which represents a very small investment against the cost of a new suit of bought in sails and which could be the opening to another field of enjoyment in boat building.



 Many Selway Fisher designs can be built using the clinker ply method and some have been specifically designed for this method—this manual has 129 diagrams helping to explain the process from the set-up of the building jig, through making the internal framework, spiling the plank shapes and fitting them and finally fitting out the hull, fitting the deck structure etc and finishing the boat and shaping and making masts and spars.

 To start the book, modern clinker construction is compared with more traditional methods making this book applicable to those wanting to use modern epoxies and plywood to build a clinker boat as well as those who want to stick strictly to traditional techniques. Rather than just concentrating on one particular modern method, this book looks at several variants of the modern methods first, including the ribband-less, stringered and what some call the Herreshoff method plus methods for flat bottomed craft and those using purely rounded moulds (from older designs), giving the reader a wide choice of methods to use and combine.  

 If you are thinking of using the Clinker Plywood method, read this manual first.


For further details of the Clinker Plywood Manual and what it covers click here.

Sterling cost £18 + £4 p&p. (UK), £18 + £6.00 Airmail (Europe), £18 + £9 Airmail (US/Elsewhere)/$44 incl. Airmail US.



After many requests for plans for model boats based on Selway Fisher designs, particularly motor and steam launches, I written this manual which starts by taking an over-view of wood model boat building. The various different methods and materials used are discussed followed by a look at the potential  problems associated with simply scaling down directly from a full-size boat.

This is followed by five chapters giving drawings and details for the construction of model boats, some based on full-size Selway Fisher designs. Included are a series of four carpet models aimed at young children to use with their toy cars, a stitch and tape model of the Christine open canoe, a half model of the Swallow Tancook Whaler yacht and two Balsa wood models one of the Power225 motor cruiser and the other of the 4m Mini Yacht.

Also visit where you will find further plans for models based on Selway Fisher designs.


For further details of the Model Boat Building Manual and what it covers click here.

Sterling cost £18 + £4 p&p. (UK), £18 + £6.00 Airmail (Europe), £18 + £9 Airmail (US/Elsewhere)/$44 incl. Airmail US.



Take two 14-year-old boys with a love of boats and the sea, plus a growing lust for the fairer sex; throw in a small armada of beaten up and rotten river boats and mix these up with an army of characters, willing to lend their worldy knowledge and experience and you have the making of a whole load of very wet and comical adventures on the water.

It’s the 1960’s, it’s the Thames and caution has not been invented – not in the minds of these two hapless idiots anyway!

A Slight Mist on the Horizon is the first of a trilogy of semi-autobiographical novels based on the author, Paul Fisher’s own experiences, shared with a school friend, which eventually led him to a career as a yacht designer, artist and author.

The book contains 28 cartoons to illustrate the chapters and these have been created by the author.

Enjoy the fun!

To purchase search for the title in the Kindle Book Store or go to -



THE STITCH AND TAPE METHOD See the SFDesign 10'6" Northumbrian Coble being built

Although not specifically about canoe building, this DVD shows the simple stitch and tape process used on a small dinghy and all the hints and tips are relevant for canoe building.

Filmed in Jordan Boats workshops, the DVD takes you through the stages of building your own boat from the choice of the design through reading plans, lofting the plywood parts, using epoxy, and stitching and then taping the hull.

NOTE - The design used to demonstrate the Stitch and tape method is the SFDesign 10'6" Northumbrian Coble.

Copious graphics are used to illustrate and clarify many of the processes you will encounter when building a S&T vessel.

The DVD includes interviews with real life home builders who pass on their tips and suggestions for success in building your boat.

The second volume, due for release in May/June 2008, will cover fitting out the hull, making spars, laminating, and then finishing the boat.

Running time: 2hr 18min.
Format: PAL DVD 16:9

This DVD has been produced in PAL widescreen format. It will play back on standard DVD players and TV sets in countries using the PAL television system. In other areas of the world it may not play back on standard TV sets but will playback in PCs with a DVD drive and DVD playback software.

Sterling cost £20 + £3 p&p. (UK), £20 + £4 Airmail (Europe), £20 + £5 Airmail (US/Elsewhere)/$40 incl. Airmail US.