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(from some of our builders)

(Last up-dated 18/06/12)



These photos have been kindly to us by Simon Hunt showing construction details for his 17' Prospector. He has taken his time to produce a beautifully built canoe which both looks the part and is very practical.

The planks are being stitched together and in this case, the mould (sectional) shapes are in place from the start - I tend to leave these out until all the planks have been stitched.

All the planks are together - only the ends to be stitched up now.

Planing the edge of a plank where there is a tight spot.

All together and looking good.

The temporary moulds have been removed and replaced with pieces of wood across the gunwales so that the chines seams can be spot welded together with thickened epoxy and the stitches removed.

After taping the chines, here the dore and aft deck pieces are being fitted - in this case the top plank and bulkhead have been reduced in height to accommodate the the thickness of the ply decking..........

.......which allows the outer gunwale to be fitted flush with the top of the deck, hence covering the edge of the ply deck.

Another view of the deck.

The bow and stern may simply be taped over but for a more professional finish a flat maybe planed onto the stem and an outer stem laminated in place - here the laminates are being fitted and glued.

Note the use of PVC to protect the planking and so that the outer stem does not get glued to the hull - this allows it to be removed when the glue between the laminates has cured and cleaned up on the bench.................

...........before it is refitted and glued in place - it's lower end is scarfed to fit the centre bottom runner.

The seats for Simon's boat are based on a substantial frame.......

.....which is then completed with tapes woven together.

The seats fitted with stretchers made to take cups!

Beautifully finished by Simon Hunt and his team.........

........and proudly used.