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We have a range of sailing canoes :-

Canoes on this Page

JC10 Woodland 15 50/50 Sailing Canoe Lillie Yawl IC10 Int. Nat. Canoe Arctic Skua


Included with each set of plans - 
 The full canoe catalogue is now on CD in PDF format - this version of the catalogue is packed with colour photographs of our canoe designs (more than on our web pages). The catalogue also has a guide to choosing an open canoe and useful FAQ's pages.
 The CD also contains a copy of our On-Line Manual which uses 65 colour photographs showing one of our Hazelnut open canoes being built in detail, a copy of a past article on building the Christine Open Trekking Canoe plus an easily printable order form and contact details.
 Please note that this CD is sent free with each canoe plan and does not need to be ordered separately if ordering a canoe plan from this web site. However, if you do want to order the CD only, go to the Canoe Catalogues & Manuals page.
(Please note that the cost of the CD is not refundable if you order canoe plans later).
 Also go to the Catalogues & Manuals page to see details of our new Plywood Canoe Construction Manual which includes details of sail rigs, floats, outboard brackets, seat backs, sponsons, making the canoe in 2 halves etc.

On this page we show our JC10 and Woodland sailing canoes and a sample of our canoe yawl designs. However, please note that most of our other canoe designs can take a sail plan and many have sail, spar, leeboard and rudder details included with the plans - these include the following :-

13' Waterman Lateen
15'8" Prospector Gunter with jib
16' Pete Gunter with jib
16' Waterman Lateen
15'7" Carrick Choice of rigs
15'6" Beaver Single gunter & double lug
20' Seajay Double lateen
40' Dragon Double lateen


The JayCee was conceived with Tyrone Boats as a trainer for the International Canoe. The idea was to produce a craft which was based upon low cost, easy building techniques and which would be an introduction into the world of IC sailing. With all this in mind, the hull is made from 4mm ply using the stitch and tape process. She has a simple sliding seat and the rig is based upon a grp sailboard mast with a sleeved sail so keeping the need for specialist fittings and gear down. However, there is enough gear to enable the helmsman to 'tweek' her performance with a Barbour Haul arrangement for the foresail sheet. An exciting craft which may in the future form the experimental model for a new stitch and tape 'B' class version of the IC10! LOD 15'6" (4.73m); Hull Beam 2'11 1/2" (0.9m); Sail Area 56 sq.ft. (5.17 sq.m).

JC10 Particulars

LOA 15'6" 4.73m
Beam 35 1/2" 0.9m
Hull Mid Depth 11 1/4" 0.29m
Approx. Dry Weight 135lbs 61kg
Approx. Capacity 650lbs 295kg

Hull Shape

Multi-chine with 5 planks per side
Construction Method Stitch and tape
Plywood Requirements 6 sheets of 4mm
Guidance Use Race training and fun sailing
Drawing/Design Package 6 x A1 drawings including alternative 8.26 sq.m. sail plan and centreboard arrangement + 7 x A4 instruction sheets



UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - FULL PLAN £75            

(Approx. 90 Euros/$101 USD)


Woodland 15This is a clinker/ply open canoe with graceful lines. We have given the hull shape a fairly fine entry so that she glides on the water and also a good waterline beam to allow her to carry a substantial rig for open canoe racing. She has 5 planks per side which are 4mm thick to keep her weight down. The plans give full size templates for the moulds (sections) to be used on the building jig and details are shown for the clinker/ply construction process (please note that we can also develop the plank shapes if a builder wants to build her using simple stitch and tape methods).
She can of course be used without the rig as a roomy and stable open canoe to take 2/3 adults but she was designed very much with fast and efficient sailing in mind and to this end, full details are given for the add-on leeboards, rudder and rig which has an area of 43 sq.ft. (4 sq.m.). 

Woodland Particulars

LOA 15' 4.58m
Beam 36" 0.92m
Hull Mid Depth 13" 0.33m
Approx. Dry Weight 60lbs 27kg
Approx. Capacity 650lbs 295kg

Hull Shape

5 planks per side round bilge/multi-chine
Construction Method Clinker ply and stitch and tape
Plywood Requirements 4 sheets of 4,5 or 6mm
Guidance Use General purpose and sailing - single or double
Drawing/Design Package 4 x A1 drawings + 2 x A4 instruction sheets + 16 x A4 sheets covering stitch and tape.



UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - FULL PLAN £50          

(Approx. 60 Euros/$68 USD)



50/50 sailing canoe under construction50/50 sailing canoe
The example right and below has been beautifully built and fitted out by Mark Waters.

A 50/50 canoe is a boat which has been designed and built with the intention that it should be as easily and efficiently powered by sail as it is by paddle (in this case a double paddle). This means that the rig needs to be both efficient and easy to erect and stow—she can use any of the rigs we have for our canoes but the one detailed on the plans is of a batwing type with spars which can be hinged to lie along the mast so that it can be stowed inboard when not in use. The cockpit is wider than normal for a single crew member so that the crew can sit on the canoe bottom out to one side when sailing. Construction is simple stitch and tape using 4mm plywood. There are stowage/WT compartments fore and aft.

LOA 15' (4.58m); Beam 35" (0.9m); Sail Area 52 sq.ft. (4.89 sq.m); Approx weight of hull/deck 45lbs (20kg).

This design has been drawn up for Bill Serjeant (who has made the red example above) and you will be able to see her progress under the 50/50 Sailing Canoe Page on his web site at

50/50 Particulars

LOA 15' 4.58m
Beam 35" 0.9m
Hull Mid Depth 17" 0.43m
Approx. Dry Weight 45lbs 20kg
Approx. Capacity 650lbs 295kg

Hull Shape

Multi-chine with 4 planks per side
Construction Method Stitch and tape
Plywood Requirements 4-5 sheets of 4mm
Guidance Use General purpose single sailing
Drawing/Design Package 4 x A1 drawings + 5 A4 instruction sheets



UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - FULL PLAN £75                            

(Approx. 90 Euros/$101 USD)


 The Arctic Tern is a lightweight canoe yawl that has a nod towards the small canoe yawls that were popular in Europe during the last century for touring and racing. She uses 4mm ply and the stitch and tape method of construction to produce a easily built stiff and lightweight hull.

 The board is offset to one side with the case forming the front of a side tank leaving the cockpit clear of any structures. Areas under the fore and aft and side decking can be used for storage and floatation.

 The rig has simple standing lug sails on unstayed masts.

Arctic Skua  Particulars

LOA 14' 4.27m
Beam 30" & 36" 0.76m and 0.92m
Hull Mid Depth 13 1/2" 0.32m
Approx. Dry Weight 52lbs 24kg

Hull Shape

Multi-chine with 3 planks per side
Construction Method Stitch and tape
Plywood Requirements 5 sheets of 4mm
Guidance Use General purpose single sailing
Drawing/Design Package 6 x A1 drawings + 7 x A4 instruction sheets


UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - FULL PLAN £75                 

(Approx. 90 Euros/$101 USD)



We have 3 Canoe Yawls under 20' in length which are dayboats (see our page on Dinghies & Dayboats). We also have a 22' LOD Canoe Yawl which has a cabin and berths (see our page on Yachts).

Here is an example of our smaller Canoe yawls :-

The Lillie Canoe Yawl - this lovely craft was commissioned by Tom Dunderdale after reading the series of articles in the Classic Boat magazine on the 13’ strip planked canoe yawl Ethel. The idea was to produce a canoe yawl of similar style to those of the last century used by Baden Powell and MacGregor and which formed the basis of modern canoeing today but using modern ply/epoxy construction methods with computer generated plank shapes. Her length is based upon the maximum length of plank that you can get out of 2 sheets of ply and we have increased the beam a little over the original Ethel design which allows more extensive cruising and even the ability to sleep on board. She uses 6 sheets of 6mm and one of 9mm ply in her construction. The standard set of plans show details for stitch and epoxy construction using 7 planks per side to give a beautiful round bottom hull shape and details are given for her to be fitted out in classic style with a lug yawl rig. The plans include mould shapes and construction details for her to be made using the strip plank method. Tom reports that up to a force 2 she will sail herself both before and into the wind hands off allowing the helmsman to drink his beer in comfort. Above that, she handles herself with grace and she rows very well with excellent tracking. LOD 14’11’’ (4.53m); Beam 4’8’’ (1.43m); Draft 8’’/2’1’’ (0.2/0.63m); Sail Area 106 sq.ft. (9.84 sq.m); Approx wht. 353 lbs (160 kg). Plans also include mould shapes and details for strip planking.

Lillie Canoe Yawl

Lillie Particulars

LOA 14'11" 4.53m
Beam 4'8" 1.43m
Draft 8"/2'1" 0.2/0.63m
Sail Area 106 sq.ft. 9.84 sq.m.
Approx. Dry Weight 353lbs 160kg

Hull Shape

Multi-chine with 7 planks per side
Construction Method Stitch and tape - molds are also given for strip plank
Plywood Requirements 6 sheets of 6mm and 1 sheet of 9mm marine plywood
Guidance Use 2 adults day sailing
Drawing/Design Package 6 x A1 drawings + 10 A4 instruction and detail sheets



UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - STUDY PLAN £20/FULL PLANS £120


(Study Plan Approx. 24 Euros/$27 USD; Full Plan Approx. 144 Euros/$162 USD)


The IC10 - a ply stitch and tape ‘B’ Class International Canoe for Mr. Peter Rhodes-Dimmer - the first hull has been constructed by Alan Powell. The major idea behind this design was to produce an up-to-the-minute hull shape suitable for both inland and river use bt made using simple stitch and tape techniques.
LOA 17' (5.18m); Hull Beam 3'4" (1.03m); OA Beam 7'3" (2.20m); Displ. to WL 465 lbs (211 kg). The drawings give the hull panel and frame shapes only so that she can be fitted out to the client’s requirements.

IC10 Particulars

LOA 17' 5.18m
Beam 40" 1.03m
Hull Mid Depth - -
Approx. Dry Weight - -
Approx. Capacity - -

Hull Shape

3 planks per side
Construction Method Stitch and tape and epoxy fillet
Guidance Use Racing
Drawing/Design Package 6 x A1 drawings including full-size moulds - for hull only



UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - FULL PLAN £200            

(Approx. 240 Euros/$270 USD)


Below are photographs of the Ranger floats used on a 15'8" Fisher Prospector by Steve Cullis.

Note- we can supply the plans for the Waterman 12 float, rudder and leeboard details plus the plans for the Ranger canoe  at a cost of £15 (UK/EU); £12 US/Elsewhere
(P&P - UK £2; EU £4: US/Elsewhere £5)

UK/EU/US/Elsewhere - FULL PLAN £15          

(Approx. 18 Euros/$20 USD)



Please note - the plan prices do not include P&P charges which will be added to your order.
When ordering multiple items on-line we will always try to combine the packing and charge the lowest P&P cost option.
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